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Contemporary Comfort

“Experience the seamless blend of sleek design and unparalleled comfort with our contemporary furniture collection.”

Modern Design

“Embrace the allure of minimalist sophistication and timeless elegance with our curated selection of modern design furniture.”


We are the largest furniture house in the region with 100% italian furniture and our goal is to supply our customers with quality products.


Transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility and style with our carefully curated selection of furniture and decor.


Elevate your kitchen with our stylish and practical furniture solutions, enhancing both form and function effortlessly.

Sofa Set

Experience ultimate relaxation and style with our chic sofa sets, crafted for both comfort and elegance.

Furniture Brand


Furniture Brand CASAITALIA offers the Italiam tradition and modelling of furniture by combining precise lines and knowledge in our furniture parts, to create prestigeous and unforgettable scenarios.

Why Choose Us

One of our milestones is to preserve quality in each product.

Building Planning

Casa Italia allows you to plan and place all the furniture according to your needs.


We provide qualified service for all our products in a short time.


We take care to provide fast service with the latest labor standards.

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